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Catch Clean Cook

A big part of fishing, adventuring and gathering is knowing what to do with your catch once you get home, if you want to get started but are unsure of what to do we can help you out. Check out The Adventurer's Handbook for all our local spots to go out and have a great time and get a feed while doing it. 

The Catch Clean Cook idea is much more that just getting something for dinner, its getting in touch with our roots as human beings providing for our family and community, being a part of your environment and understanding how we can be a sustainable part of it. Nothing beats getting the intrinsic reward of feeling fulfilled when you sit down to a meal with your loved ones that you have put together by hand.


Seafood is high on our list but there are many more things to explore with wild pork readily available in The Coromandel forest park, we loved our Bradley smoker so much we have put one in for you to get creative with a brisket, collect some fresh mussels or make use of the fish frames and heads that hold some of the best meat. 

Hotties Eatery

Hotties Eatery is a small kitchen with big style, Mark takes amazing care with every dish and makes the most delicious cocktails. Located only a short walk up the reserve this is a great option for a care free night with amazing food right on your doorstep

The Hive

Located on Purangi road a short ten minute drive from Hot water beach The Hive operates in the summer months and is one of our top picks. With an incredible alfresco area to relax and enjoy the sunshine in you don't want to miss Ezra's amazing food or Lisa's top notch service and boutique gift shop.

Pizzas and share plates are the theme here and you wont be disappointed 

The Church

The Church bristo is one of our favourites and offers fine dining cuisine that can rival the best. If we are looking to spend a special night out together then The Church is at the top of the list. They have a wine list I have nothing but respect for and offer matching options with their dishes.


The Church is the place you must go !

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