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Hot Pools 

Where to go

The Hot Pools are located below the tideline and are accessible for two hours either side of low tide on most days. Take a 200m walk north from either the village, stream carpark or south from the middle carpark and look for the rocks.  

The springs are fairly concentrated so if you dig a little and cant find the heat move closer and look for the flowing water on the sand. 

Getting there early is well worth it, and you might get to see the spring water bubbling up out of the untouched sand. 

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What to Expect

Hot Water Beach is an international tourist destination but even without travellers from abroad it can get quite busy, the springs are in a small area so get there early to find a good spot. Get in and enjoy the reduced numbers for a more personal experience. 

There are two springs one at 60 degrees and one at 68 which is much hotter than your average spa pool which sits around 38 - 44 degrees. To make the best pool pick a spot half on and half off the spring so you can mix the hot and cold water for a nice relaxing soak. 

If you get there a bit later on other beach goers will have dug a few pools already just pick a spot backing onto theirs closer to the waterline but be courteous and don't dig too close or their pool will collapse into yours. 


If you want a longer soak add extra sand to the wall of your pool because the tide will be sure to get you first !

What to Take

We have sorted you out with a waterproof backpack to take your towel and clothes in along with a carry spot for the spades. If you are going for an evening tide be sure to grab one of the Head torches off the rack so that you can find your way there and back. 

If you want to get really fancy or build an extra large pool then you can take down a bucket to add some cold water to your pool to help cool it down and add a bit of extra depth. 

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