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How we got here.

Michelle and I (James) met in Perth in 2015 where I was living at the time and very quickly fell in love. Not long after we met, we decided to go away for the long weekend to Margret River before I was due to head off to work for a month.  I bought Shel a fishing rod and we explored the coast for a few days rock fishing and visiting wineries. From that first trip it has always been the same, off adventuring whenever we can. 


In 2019 we were married at Orua Beach House at the northern end of Hot Water Beach, it is an amazing venue and the view from the cliffs is incredible. It was around that time that we decided we would get some travelling done and move back to New Zealand. The travel got cut short with Covid but we are grateful for the opportunities that arose from moving back early. When we found a section at Hot Water Beach for sale we were really excited about being able to live in a place that I had such a strong connection with from my youth and being able to walk down the beach and see the spot where we were married every day. 

Moving here doesn't come easy though and we had to figure out what we would do for a living so we decided to share all the things we love about the area with you!

A Passion for Fishing

Since that first trip I have shared my love of fishing with Michelle, it's something she used to love doing with her dad Ray off the harbour mole's in Perth when she was young. Many of our happiest times are when we are out on the water either fishing or just cruising the rivers or bays. 


For the four years we were living together in Australia we would trip back once a year and spend a month or two in The Coromandel catching up with family and friends and spending a good part of it fishing. Once we moved here to live we were able to head out much more often and have certainly made the most of it greatly increasing our skill and knowledge. 

I think it is these trips that laid the foundation for the idea of being able to live here and allowed Shel to fall in love with the area as well. 

Our Magical Day at Orua


Active Relaxers

I don't think there's ever been a time when we have been on holiday and been able to just sit on a beach for the day, its never long before Michelle or I spy something that looks interesting and we are off on another adventure. 

We keep our lives full with interests in Muay Thai, Surfing, Diving, Hunting, Fishing, Softball and Netball to name a few. Both of us have stepped over the ropes more than once and get addicted to the dedication, perseverance and skill that Muay Thai demands. 

Wherever we are and what ever we are doing we are most happy when off on another adventure, but with a busy life you must have balance to calm the soul, enjoying an evening by the fire with a glass of wine and a wild caught meal is our favourite way to wind down, we have brought the sum of all our loves to you in 

Adventurer's Chest.

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