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Mad Max Sportfishing

Tom Maxwell is the owner operator of Mad Max Sportfishing NZ and fellow Mercury Bay Game Club Member. Tom has recently upgraded from a trailer boat to a Genesis 32' to pursue his passion for Game Fishing. We think that's great since we know how good he is at it. 

If you are looking to chase one of the many gamefish found at our doorstep then Mad Max is our pick. We can even set you up your next adventure with a combination charter-accomodation package. 

We look forward to competing against Tom this coming season so book now and take him off the water for a few days so we have a chance !

Striped Marlin - Blue Marlin - Yellow Fin Tuna - Southern Bluefin Tuna - Albacore Tuna Shortbill Spearfish - Mahi Mahi - Broad Bill Swordfish 

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The Provider

Carl Muir has been operating Charter boats in the area since 2005 a wealth of knowledge. From half day charters to multi day tours Carl delivers a wholistic experience taking time to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and natural formations of The Coromandel offshore islands and coastline. 

With a custom build Senator 770 you can enjoy your day in comfort while getting to and from the fishing grounds. These boats are capable of anything, just check out the photos below !

An obvious passion for Catch, Clean & Cook is something that we relate very closely with, check out his website for some awesome recipes or ask him your self when you step on board Provider

Carl also runs a down to earth podcast check it out at the link below.

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Fishing NZ Adventures

Noel & Deinse operate Zodie 1 a tri Hull beast that can fish up to 12 so if you have only just decided that you are now in love with fishing (we forgive you) then they can usually accommodate short notice bookings. 

During the summer months Noal & Denise offers a twilight fishing charter which we know to be the best time to target big shallow water Pink Snapper, particularly March through to May. Dont be fooled though the fishing in Mercury Bay is good year round. Pick your tide and moon to set yourself up for a win. 

Take some BBQ and a couple of beverages with you to enjoy your adventure in our favourite place in the world. 

Dive Zone Whitianga 

I Have known Darryl since he took me through my dive ticket over 10 years ago and there is only one place I would ever recommend for anyone to go locally to talk about anything diving.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would love to further my training with an advanced divers course in the future.   


Darryl is very active in the community and sponsors many local ventures supporting the local community which is the true meaning of immersing yourself into a place. We make a life and adventure in the land of abundance around us and give back to the area and the community in return. A top quality culture you want to be a part of. 

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